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Teatro Principal, Zaragoza.

¡El mejor concierto del año en mi ciudad pero de lejos!
Bienvenido y espero que no sea la última vez que nos visites.

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Esta lista nos da una idea de lo populares que fueron The Carpenters en el mundo entero a lo largo de su carrera.

1970 Close To You (Número 1 por tres semanas)
1970 We've Only Just Begun #6
1973 Top Of The World (Número 1 por cuatro semanas)
1975 Please Mr. Postman (Número 1 por cinco semanas)

Close To You (Número 1 por dos semanas)
We've Only Just Begun (Número 1 por una semana)
Mr. Guder #50
For All We Know (#5)
Rainy Days And Mondays (Número 3 por dos semanas)
Superstar (Número 3 por 3 semanas)
Hurting Each Other (#2)
It's Going To Take Sometime (Número 13 por cuatro semanas)
Goddbye To Love (Número 4 por una semana)
Sing (Número 4 por dos semanas)
Yesterday Once More (Número 2 por dos semanas)
Top Of The World (Número 1 por una semana)
I Won't Last a Day Without You (#7)
Please Mr. Postman (Número 1 por una semana)
Only Yesterday (#2)
Solitaire #12
There's A Kind Of Hush (#8)
I Need To Be In Love (#24)
All You Get From Love Is A Love Song (#38)
Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft (#9)
sweet Sweet Smile (#33)

Yesterday Once More (#21)
Top Of The World (#38)
Jambalaya (#50)
Only Yesterday (#43)
Please Mr. Postman (#10)
Sweet Sweet Smile (#22)

Hurting Each Other (#18)
Please Mr. Postman (#1)

Please Mr. Postman (Número 5 por dos semanas)

Close To You #33
Superstar #21
Yesterday Once More #7
Top Of The World #14
Jambalya #3
Please Mr. Postman #33

Now And Then #2
Singles 1969-1973 #2
Horizion #21
Beautiful Love Songs #27
The Collection #40
Only Yesterday Greatest Hits #4

Yesterday Once More #6

Now And Then #12
Horizion #5
A Kind Of Hush #16

1970 Close To You (#6)
1971 We've Only Just Begun (#28)
1971 Superstar / For All We Know (#18)
1972 Merry Christmas Darling (#45)
1972 Goodbye To Love / I Won't Last A Day Without You (#9)
1973 Yesterday Once More (#2)
1973 Top Of The World (#5)
1974 Jambalaya (#12)
1974 I Won't Last A Day Without You (#32)
1975 Please Mr. Postman (#2)
1975 Only Yesterday (#7)
1975 Solitaire (#32)
1975 Santa Claus Is Coming To town (#37)
1976 There's A Kind Of Hush (#22)
1976 I Need To Be In Love (#36)
1977 Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft (#9)
1978 Sweet Sweet Smile (#40)
1983 Make Believe It's Your First Time (#60)
1990 Close To You / Merry Christmas Darling (#25)
1993 Rainy Days And Mondays (#63)
1994 Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again (#44)


(They Long To Be) Close To You #71
We've Only Just Begun #71
Rainy Days and Mondays #72
Superstar #7
Bless The Beasts and The Children #85
Hurting Each Other #56
It's Going To Take Some Time #48
Goodbye To Love #55
Top Of The World (first issue) #21
Sing #18
Yesterday Once More #5
Jambalaya #28
Top Of The World (reissue) #52
I Won't Last A Day Without You #40
Please Mister Postman #11
Only Yesterday #12
Solitaire #44
There's a Kind of Hush #27
I Need To Be In Love #62
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do #71
All You Get From Love is a Love Song #68
Sweet Sweet Smile #59
I Need To Be In Love (rerelease) #5

Ticket To Ride #88
Close To You #53
Carpenters #47
A Song For You #5
Now And Then #1
Singles 1969-1973 #1
Live In Japan #8
Horizion #1
A Kind Of Hush #5
Live At The Palladium #24
Passage #7
Made In America #44
Voice Of The Heart #41


1970 Close To You #6
1972 Goodbye To Love #12
1973 Yesterday Once More #8
1973 Top Of The World #3
1974 Jambalaya #12
1975 Please Mr. Postman #2
1975 Only Yesterday #5
1976 There's A Kind Of Hush #7
1976 I Need To Be In Love #14
1977 Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft #1
1983 Make Believe It's Your First Time #20
1990 Close To You/Merry Christmas Darling #18

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259º-By 1981 was the Carpenters recording career in terminal decline?-

Here are some statements of Carpenters fans discussing about this question:

"They were literally toast by 1981 as far as hit radio was concerned. That they managed one last hit, "Touch Me When We're Dancing" was more a case of being at the right place and the right time with the right song. Their image among the populace and the radio industry was really poor. Their records began to test with "high negatives"; that is, through audience testing it was determined that if a listener heard a Carpenters track on the radio, they would more than likely switch the station. ' Tune-out' in radio is the worst-feared phenomenon, and the testing they do tries to ensure that no listener in the desired demographic is turned-off by any song in their rotation. It's enough that commercial breaks will drive people away, so they never want a song to send any listener packing. Commercials are a necessary evil as they pay the bills. Playing records is simply a matter of choice.

So, by 1981, it was pretty well determined that if you were aiming for the prime 25-44 adult demographic, you better not be playing any Carpenters tunes. "Touch Me When We're Dancing" somehow managed to cut through all of that, for a short time, and enjoyed a run on hit radio while it was on the charts, so given the climate, it becomes more and more remarkable that it did. But as soon as it started down the charts, away it went, rarely to be heard again on the radio.

Edited to add: It turns out that today, August 22nd, marks the 30th anniversary of "Touch Me When We're Dancing" reaching Number One on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart, where it remained for two weeks".

"The Carpenters decline here in the USA probably started during the Horizon album. "Mr. Postman" and "Only Yesterday" did quite well, the "Solitaire" was released and did not do well on the charts. The "A Kind Of Hush" album saw moderate success with the single, "There's A Kind Of Hush", but "I Need To Be In Love" did not do well, although still received decent airplay. No other singles from "Hush" made much of an impact. "Passage" saw "All You Get From Love Is A Love Song" get some airplay, but didn't make a huge dent in the charts, and "Calling Occupants" did not do well in the US. Then there was the single "I Believe You", released in 1978 which did nothing. It would later appear on "Made In America" in 1981. When 1981 finally came around, "Touch Me When We're Dancing" got a lot of airplay and was heralded as the Carpenters comeback. The single made it to #16 on the pop charts, #1 adult contemporary charts. THAT was nice, I remember, to hear the Carpenters back on the radio! No other singles from "Made In America" made any radio impact. The only future singles, post 1983 that I ever heard at all on the radio, and maybe only once or twice were "Make Believe It's Your First Time", "Your Baby Doesnt' Love You Anymore" and "If I Had You".
HOWEVER, in 1978, with the release of CHRISTMAS PORTRAIT, radio went crazy over Carpenters! Every Holiday season, starting in 1978 and continuing to this day (2011) The Carpenters are played in heavy rotation with songs from both Christmas albums. You never know which songs, radio will play them all. So that is a cool fact that was true in 1978 and still true today. It is pretty much the only time you can hear Carpenters on the radio, but hey, that's great!"

"I think the Carpenters had a few things going against them. First off, the thing that everybody loved about them, their MUSIC, was against the tide and more in the soft rock vein. This was their greatest strength and their strongest weakness, in my opinion. The same reasons they became popular would later turn around and knock them down. The album and single picture sleeves, early on maybe up until 1974 only hurt their image more. Then we have the CHOICE of singles pulled from the albums. Probably "Sing" cemented their image. A huge hit, but a career mistake. The Carpenters recorded so many GREAT songs on each album, yet were always trying for the trendy pop singles. "There's A Kind Of Hush", "Please Mr. Postman" were frilly throw away pop compared to some of the other songs Karen and Richard recorded at the time. And "Goofus"? Cute for an album cut, but not a single. So I believe these singles in particular are what turned radio all the way off. The singles from Passage and Made In America could have had a better chance if their image hadn't been cemented by then. No matter how great the songs were, their entire image needed an overhaul. Quite frankly, the only thing I think could have done that would have been Karen's solo project, with the more riskier songs included on her album".

"Another thing that may have hurt them was they lost their "edge" that they had in the early years. Look at the variety of sounds you heard on the A Song For You album. That record has country, rock, tender balladry and even comedy! Plus Richard doing some lead vocals. By the time they got past Horizon, it was all Karen all the time, and almost all syrupy balladry that was heavily orchestrated. If you heard Richard at all it was only in the background, and they got too serious. The sense of fun and adventure -- which was there on all of their first four albums -- was replaced by overly-fussy, obviously expensive productions. If you heard an uptempo song, it was a remade oldie. Cool asides like "Piano Picker" or "Flat Baroque" didn't happen any more.... but it was those kinds of "album cuts" that helped make the Carpenters albums interesting for repeat listenings and brought in more than just the ballad fans".

"Their back catalog sold cleanly over the years so A&M would've really had no reason to drop them if KC had lived since they were still generating steady income, even if the sales were stronger from an International standpoint post Horizon. I think several things started in mid 1975 that started the decline. May 1975 the Gold Selling "Only Yesterday" leaves the Billboard Top 10. Within 3 weeks their label mates and other female single male keyboardist duo The Captain & Tennille go to Number One with "Love Will Keep Us Together" and begin a period of fairly consistent success that runs parallel to the fallow pop chart period of the Carps. The C&T's material from a singles standpoint is consistently sharper and punchier. A lot of that has to do with Neil Sedaka penning half those Top 10's, a better choice of covers for singles ("Shop Around" has a much livlier arrangement than the bland synths of "There's A Kind Of Hush"), and the sensuality that Toni Tennille could express in their hits like "You Never Done It Like That" and "The Way I Want To Touch You" that K&R felt they shouldn't or couldn't do on record at the time. They also had a weekly Variety show from 1976-1977 and several TV specials after that to raise their media profile where the Carpenters did one hourly program a year. I'm sure Radio Station programmers when presented with the option of adding one act or the others new single went with the then more appealing to the masses C&T. Even over the AC charts where K&R had ruled the airwaves their chart positions began to fade to the C&T's. When A&M decided to move in the Punk/New Wave direction in 1978 with signing the Sex Pistols and The Police both acts felt the sting with the C&T "Dream" album and The Carpenters "Christmas Portrait" LP's getting virtually no promotion. Toni Tennille talks about having a conversation with Karen about this fact at the 1978 A&M Xmas party in one of Joel Whitburn's books, saying the label has forgotten what made them so large to start with. So the C&T leave, head to a disco label where they score one more smash, then disappear from the recording scene when their second Casablanca album gets no promotion due to the label disintegrating and their seventies image begins to bite them in the same way it does the Carpenters. This brings us to early 1981 when K&C, now past Richard's addiction and Karen's canned solo attempt came back after a 3 year hiatus to a pop radio market that was going through another "Soft" period so their type of material fit in radio playlists easier with the likes of Paul Davis, Juice Newton, Air Supply, and Kenny Rogers than it did with Donna Summer and Bee Gees disco records the prior few years . "Touch Me When We're Dancing" benefits from this environment and does better than any single since "A Kind Of Hush." Of course, their image was still seen as a major detractor to stations wanting to appear hip/current so it stalls at #16. Barry Manilow was also at this hurtle in the same period. Promo for the follow ups is lackluster due to KC's health and marriage disintegrating and another delay comes on the recording front so Karen can seek treatment in New York. Had Karen fully recovered and lived past 1983 I think the Carpenters days as a Top 40 Pop Act were done. Radio swung hard towards edgier sounds thanks to "Thriller" and the second British Invasion at that point pretty much ending all the seventies era pop acts chart success by 1985. It would've been the time for a "What's New" standards project and to just relax and work Vegas Casinos. Putting out a new album every couple of years since they would both want to be with their families. They wouldn't have gotten to number one but sold well nonetheless. Then the revival and new found appreciation that kicked off for the group in the nineties would've still occured and they could've enjoyed the fruits of that at any pace they chose".

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258º-Carpenters Argentina Fans Club-

En Argentina existe un grupo oficial de admiradores de la famosa dupla vocal The Carpenters, quien estaba integrada por los hermanos Richard (1946) y Karen Carpenter (1950-1983) 

En Argentina fueron difundidos sus ahora clasicos temas "Yesterday Once More", "This Masquerade", "Let me be the one", "Close to You", "Superstar", "Only Yesterday",

"Calling ocupants of Interplanetary craft", "Goodbye to love", entre otros.
Dicho grupo tiene publicado una pagina en la famosa red social Facebook: 

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257º-Karen Carpenter Magazine!-

¡La Revista de Karen Carpenter!

Visita la página LeadSister.com oficial en Facebook, Se llama Karen Carpenter Magazine y son un animado grupo de personas donde los seguidores pueden expresarse.

Aquí está el enlace: https://www.facebook.com/groups/321040037161/

Una vez que estás en Karen Carpenter Magazine haz clic en la pestaña Unirse al grupo.


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1. You say in your Q&A section that there are 8 versions of Yesterday Once More. Which version is present on the 13th single in the Japan Single Box?
The version on the new Japanese box set is the SINGLE version, the version that was released on the first edition of the NOW & THEN album on CD and the version that was released on their first compilation "The Singles 1969-1973."

2. What's the difference between Merry Christmas Darling on the 6th and on the 17th single in the Japan Single Box. Are these different versions?
These versions are all the same version - the single version that was first released on the 1991 box set "From The Top."

3. What's the difference between Top Of The World on the 11th and on the 15th single in the Japan Single Box? Different versions? If not, would you know why this song has been released as a single in Japan twice?
The 11th single contains the 'album version' and the 15th includes the single reworked version.

4. The same goes for I Won't Last A Day Without You. This song is present on the 12th and on the 16 th in the Japan Single Box. No different versions, I guess? So what could have been the reason for the 16th release in the 1973 Now & Then era while this track is from the previous 1972 A Song For You album? I don't understand.
Surprisingly they felt the song would a hit in the midst of their NOW & THEN album.  Single 12 includes the "A Song For You" version while the 16th includes a 'reworked' version of it.  Vocals are the same, but this one uses more of moog instument.

5. Look To Your Dreams has been edited for a single release as the B-side to Make Believe. Is this edit present on the 32th single in the Japan Single Box? The album version is 5.14 minutes long.
Unfortunately the version presented in the box set is the complete album version: piano ending complete.

6. The 25th single in the Japan Single Box contains Can't Smile Without You as the Japanese B-side to Sweet Sweet Smile. Would this be the alternate lyric version of the song (which was the US B-side to Calling Occupants) or is it just the 1976 album version?
The version presented here includes the 'alternate version' that was first released on CD on the "Singles 1974-1978" Canadian import and the "Sweet, Sweet Smile" import.

7. You say in your alternative versions section on your site that the single edit of (Want you) Back In My Life Again is present in the Japan Single Box. I can't find this title in this box at all. Are there different versions of this Japanese single box set available or did you make a mistake here? 
"(Want You) Back In My Life Again" was not released as a single in Japan and is not on the set.  The edited version is available on the Netherlands 3-CD set "The Ultimate Collection."

Are the Carpenters TV Specials available for release?
This question is a hard one to answer.  I'll start by saying that neither "The 1st TV Special", "Space Encounters", "Music! Music! Music", nor the two Christmas specials are available in their entirity.  Only in part.
For example:  The DVD "Gold" has Top of The World from the 1976 "The 1st TV Special", and "Interpretations" has When I Fall In Love from "Music! Music! Music!" and Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft from "Space Ecounters".  So, we know that parts have been mastered digitally and would assume that the rest of them are as well.
Richard recently said that it would be hellish to try to get these for release, and that he has no plans of doing so (along with many other Carpenters unreleased gems).
Will we ever see these releases in the future?  Perhaps, but don't hold your breath.  Richard doesn't seem to take in fan input.

QUESTION by: Justin Livingston (27 March 2005)
There have been many professionally filmed concerts.  For example: Amsterdam, Budokan (released only in Japan), BBC London, New London Theatre (london), Australia (B&W), White House (parts filmed. B&W).  There are more as well.  I'm working on the list!  So far the only released concert is the Japanese release "Live at the Budokan".
Richard claimed on his website in 2004, that there were no other filmed or recorded concerts.  There is video footege to prove him wrong, I just can't seem to figure out why he responded this way!

This is a question asked by many.  Unfortunately most of their material that they have recorded from 1969-1982 has been released.  However, there are some recordings from the pre-Carpenters days.  For example, "Spectrum" songs (many are versions that were put onto "Carpenters" albums, and there are CSLUB songs ("And When I Die", "Creasant Noon", etc) that have not all been released.  It seems as though there are no otehr "full recordings".  That is not saying "work lead" stuff only, that's how we got "Nowhere Man" and "Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again", and such.  Hopefully there is more, but I highly doubt it.

Richard is now retired.  However, he sometimes makes appearances for his Arts Centre. He has also been working on a Christmas album since 2002.

HOW MANY OFFICIAL CARPENTERS VIDEOS AND DVD'S ARE AVAILABLE? 5 "Close To You: Remembering The Carpenters" (VHS,DVD) "Yesterday Once More" (VHS), "Gold" (previously released as "Yesterday Once More") (DVD), "Interpretations: a 25th Anniversary Celebration" (VHS, DVD ), "Live at Budokan" (VHS {oop}, DVD {oop}, JAPAN ONLY!)

HOW MANY VERSIONS OF "YESTERDAY ONE MORE" are officially released?
1-Album Version ("Now & Then")
2-Remix Version (various compilations)
3-Short Version ("Now & Then" LP & Cassette only)
4-Live versions ("Live in Japan")
5-Perry Como Medley ("As Time Goes By")
6-Original Master Karaoke Version
7-Reprise ("Now & Then")
8- Super Audio Version ("Singles 1969-1981" SACD)

What are the official albums (not compilations) released?
"Offering", "Ticket To Ride" (Offering re-release), "Close To You", "Carpenters (self-titled)","A Song For You", "Now & Then", "Horizon", "A Kind of Hush", "Passage", "Christmas Portrait", "Karen Carpenter", "Voice of The Heart","An Old-Fashioned Christmas", "Time", "Lovelines" (includes "Karen Carpenter" tracks), "Pianist-Arranger-Composer-Conductor","As Time Goes By".

What are the OFFICIAL Live albums?
"Live in Japan" (1974) & "Live at the Palladium" (1976)

What is the latest Carpenters release?
"The Ultimate Collection" (UK and Asia)

How many Carpenters albums include Christmas songs?
"Christmas Portrait", "An Old-Fashioned Christmas", COMPILATIONS: "Christmas Portrait - The Special Edition", "From The Top" (4-CD Set), "Christmas Collection" (includes the "Christmas Portrait" and the "An Old-Fashioned Christmas" albums (2-CD's), "Christmas With The Carpenter" TIME LIFE (2-CD Set) {Remixed!}, and the "Readers Digest" (3-CD Set).

Also Richard included "Merry Christmas, Darling" on "Carpenters Perform Carpenter", "Gold - 35th Anniversary Edition", the Super Audio CD "Singles 1969-1981" and "The Japanese Singles Box."


There was, but it unfortunatly disbanded in 1989.

IS "MORE OFFERINGS" an official release? No! It's a terrible bootleg, with horrible audio! Some rare songs, although!

Where is "As Time Goes By" released?

Finally it is available worldwide.

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253º-Karen Carpenter Live 1978-


La calidad de imagen de esta misma grabación en la entrada número 63 es muy inferior, por eso la vuelvo a publicar en una nueva entrada.