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Cynthia Gibb como Karen Carpenter.

Mitchell Anderson como  Richard Carpenter.

Peter Michael Goetz como Harold Carpenter.

Louise Fletcher como Agnes Carpenter.

Josh Cruze como Herb Alpert.

"The Karen Carpenter Story" was very nicely presented...

January 29, 1989

"The Karen Carpenter Story" was very nicely presented. Cynthia Gibb and Mitchell Anderson were very good in their roles. Richard Carpenter is to be especially commended for making public an accurate and believable background that led to the ultimate tragedy. Now that her story has been told by the one who was closest to her, let's hope that it will help refocus attention to the fact that she should be remembered as a wonderful singer and not the unfortunate victim of one of mankind's strange maladies.

Rick Gerber, Upland

-Legendado em Português-

Con mucho cariño: Ignacio.

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