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80º-Lista De Conciertos & Canciones Inacabadas-


He aquí una lista con los conciertos más representativos que ofreció el dúo a lo largo de su carrera, con las fechas y los lugares dónde se celebraron. 


April 1971
22nd COMMERCE, Texas, East Texas State University.

May 1971
14th Carnegie Hall (Manhattan, Nueva York).

July 1971
8th FRESNO, California, Selland Arena.

September 1971
21-25th BBC Studios, London, England.

14th PROVO, Utah, Brigham Young University, George Smith Fieldhouse
15th LOGAN, Utah, Utah State University, Assembly Center
18th ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico, Civic Auditorium
19th EL PASO, Texas, County Coliseum
20th TUCSON, Arizona, Convention Center
21st TEMPE, Arizona, Arizona State University, Grady Gammage Auditorium
22nd ANAHEIM, California, Convention Center
23rd SAN DIEGO, California, Convention Hall
March 31- April 8th - Miami Beach, Florida, Eden Rock Hotel
April 9th Gainesville, Florida, University of Florida
April 10th Hollywood, Academy Awards, TV appearance
April 11th Savannah, Georgia, Coliseum
April 12th Fayetteville, NC, Cumberland County Memorial Auditorium
April 13th Greenville, NC, East Caroline College Coliseum
April 14th Richmond, Virginia, Coliseum
April 15th Oxford, Ohio, Miami University
April 16th Cincinnati, OH, Music Hall
April 18th Bowling Green, KY, Western Kentucky University
April 19th Pittsburgh, PA, Civic Arena
April 20th Huntington, West Virginia, Marshall University, Memorial Fieldhouse
April 21st Philadelphia, PA, Academy of Music
April 22nd Syracuse, NY, Onodaga County War Memorial Auditorium
April 23rd College Park, Maryland, University of Maryland-Cole Fieldhouse
April 25th Washington, DC, Record Industry Annual Awards Dinner, Hilton Hotel
April 29th Atlanta, Georgia, Municipal Auditorium
May 4th Honolulu, Hawaii, International Center
May 8-20th Sydney, Australia, Chevron Hotel
May 22nd Adelaide, Australia, Apollo Sports Center
May 24-25th Melbourne, Australia, Festival Hall
May 27th Brisbane, Australia, Festival Hall
May 30 Hong Kong
June 1-11th Japan, Osaka, Nagoya, Kyoto and Tokyo
July 7th Houston, TX, University of Texas, Hofheniz Pavilion
July 8th Shreveport, Louisiana, Hirsch Memorial Coliseum
July 9th Tulsa, OK, Assembly Center
July 11th Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Blossom Music Festival
July 13-15th Holmdel, New Jersey, Garden State
July 16th Saratoga, New York, Performing Arts Center
July 20th Indianapolis, IN, Convention Center
July 21-23rd Chicago, IL, McCormack Place
July 26-29th Detroit, Michigan, Pine Knob
July 30th Saginaw, Michigan, Civic Auditorium
Aug. 1-3rd Columbia, Maryland, Merriweather Post Pavilion
Aug. 4-5th Allentown, Pennsylvania, State Fair
Aug. 9-15th Los Angeles, CA, Greek Theater
Aug. 22-28th Lake Tahoe, Nevada, Sahara Hotel
September 20th - October 3rd, Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas
Oct. 4th Salt Lake City, University of Utah
Oct. 5th Boise, ID, Boise State College
Oct. 6th Seattle, WA, Center Arena
Oct. 7th Spokane, WA, Coliseum
Oct. 8th Portland, OR, Coliseum
Oct. 11th Lincoln, NB, Pershing
Oct. 12th Sioux City, IA, Muni. Auditorium
Oct. 13th Omaha, NB, Civic Auditorium
Oct. 14th Fargo, ND, Civic Auditorium
Oct. 15th Bismark, ND, Civic Arena
Oct. 16th Rochester, MN, Mayo Civic
Oct. 18th Duluth, MN, Arena
Oct. 19th Waterloo, IA, McElroy Auditorium
Oct. 20th Sioux Falls, SD, Arena
Oct. 21st Des Moines, IA
Oct. 22nd Davenport, IA, Masonic
Oct. 24th Milwaukee, WI, Auditorium
Oct. 25th Charleston, IL, Eastern IL Gym
Oct. 26th Owensboro, KY, Sports Center
Oct. 27th Peoria, IL, Bradley University
Oct. 28th Terre Haute, IN, Indiana State College
Nov. 10th Ft. Wayne, IN, Mem. Coliseum
Nov. 11th Lafayette, IN, Purdue
Nov. 12th Charleston, West Virginia, Civic Center
Nov. 14th New Haven, CT, War Memorial
Nov. 15th Boston, MA, Music Hall
Nov. 16th Utica, NY, Memorial Auditorium
Nov. 17th Scranton, PA, Catholic Youth Center
Nov. 18th Norfolk, VA, Scope
Nov. 19th Greensboro, NC, Coliseum
Nov. 20th Raleigh, NC, Dorton Arena
Nov. 21st Charleston, SC, Muni. Auditorium
Nov. 22nd Macon, CA, Coliseum
Nov. 23rd Jackson, MS, Memorial Auditorium
Nov. 24th Lake Charles, LA, Auditorium
Nov. 25th Shreveport, LA, Hirsch Memorial Coliseum
Nov. 26th Little Rock, AR, Robinson Theater
December - Christmas Vacation!

May 3rd Tacoma, Washington, Pacific Lutheran University
May 4th Corvallis, Oregon, Gill Coliseum, Oregon State University
May 5th Pullman, Washington, Washington State University
May 6th Portland, Oregon
May 11th Bozeman, Montana, State Fieldhouse
May 12th Missoula, Montana, University of Montana State Fieldhouse
May 13th Twin Falls, Idaho, University of Southern Idaho
May 18th San Diego, California, Sports Arena
May 19th Claremont, California, Claremont College
May 20th Bakersfield, California
May 23rd Fresno, California, Selland Arena
May 24-28th San Carlos, California, Circle Star Theater
June 22nd Lake Charles, Louisiana Auditorium
June 23rd Shreveport, Louisiana, Hirsch Memorial Coliseum
June 24th Birmingham, Alabama, Municipal Auditorium
June 25th Atlanta, Georgia, Civic Center Auditorium
June 26th Chattanooga, Tennessee, Memorial Auditorium
June 27th Knoxville, Tennessee, Civic Coliseum
June 28th Roanoke, Virginia, Civic Center
June 29 - July 1st - Columbia, Maryland, Merriweather Post Pavilion
July 3-7 Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
July 10-15th Wallingford, Connecticut
July 16-21st Garden State, New Jersey
July 22nd Saratoga Springs, New York
July 24th Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Blossom Music Fair
July 25-29th Detroit, Michigan, Pine Knob
Aug. 10th - Santa Barbara, CA
Aug. 13-19th Los Angeles, California, University Studios
Aug. 21 - Sept 3rd - Lake Tahoe, Nevada, Sahara Hotel
Sept. 26 - Oct. 9th - Las Vegas, Nevada, Riviera Hotel
Oct. 9th - Las Vegas. Nevada
Oct. 10th - Ogden, Utah, Weber State College
Oct. 11th - Rexburg, Idaho, Ricks College
Oct. 12th - Provo, Utah, Brigham Young University
Oct. 17th - Portland, Maine, Exposition Building.
Oct. 18th - Bangor, Maine, Municipal Auditorium
Oct. 19th - SpringField, Massachusetts, Civic Center
Oct. 20th - Troy, New York, RPI Fieldhouse
Oct. 21st - Singhampton, New York, Broom City Vets Memorial
Oct. 22nd - Buffalo,. New York, Kleinhans Hall
Oct. 23rd - Kitchener, Ontario, Memorial Auditorium (Canada)
Oct. 24th - London, Ontario, Treasure Island Auditorium
Oct. 25th - Kalamazoo, MI, Western Michigan University
Oct. 26th - Muncie, IN, Ball State University-Emens Auditorium
Oct. 27th - South Bend, IN, University-Convocation
Oct. 28th - Evansville, IN, University of Evansville
Nov. 9th & 10th - Chicago, Illinois, Arie Crown Theater
Nov. 11th - Rockford. Illinois, Rock vE1lsy College
Nov. 12th - Lahkosh, Wisconsin, Wisconsin State University
Nov. 13th - Macomb. Illinois, Western III University
Nov. 14th - Columbus. Ohio, Mershon Auditorium
Nov. 15th - Louisville, Kentucky, Convention Center
Nov. 16th - St. Louis, Missouri, Kiel Opera House
Nov. 17th - Nashville, Tennessee, Auditorium
Nov. 18th - Memphis, Tennessee, Mid South College
Nov. 19th - Starkville, Mississippi, Mississippi State University
Nov. 20th Jackson, Mississippi, Coliseum
Nov. 21st Moblie, Alabama, Municipal Auditorium
Nov. 22nd Macon, Georgia, Coliseum
Nov. 23rd Savannah, Georgia, Convention Center
Nov. 24th Orlando, Florida, Sports Stadium
Nov. 25th St. Petersburg, Florida, Bayfront Center
Feb. 1st - Phoenix, Arizona
Feb. 2nd- Tucson, Arizona
Feb. 3rd - El Paso, Texas
Feb. 7-26th - European tour
March 2nd - Grammy Awards. LA
April 4th - Bowling Green, KY
April 5th - Pittsburgh. PA
April 6th - Philadelphia. PA
April 7th - Utica, NY
April 8-14th - Westbury Music Fair, NY
April 15th - Raleigh, North Carolina.
April 16th - Richmond, VA
April 17th - Beckley, West VA
April 18th - Wheeling, West VA
April 19th - Hershey, PA
April 20th - Syracuse. NY
April 21st - Niagara Falls, NY.
May 8-21st Riviera, Las Vegas
May 27-June 12th - Japanese tour
June 14-15th - Honolulu, Hawaii
July 12th - Seattle, WA
July 13th - Portland. OR
July 14th - Spokane. WA
Aug. 14-27 - Sahara/Lake Tahoe
Oct. 9-22nd - Riviera. Las Vegas
Oct.24.- Davenport/Iowa
Oct. 25th - Minneapolis, EN
Oct. 26th - Champagne, IL
Oct. 27. - Carbondale/Illinois
Oct. 28. - Indianapolis/Indiana
Oct. 29. - Muskegon/Michigan
Oct. 30 - Milwaukee, WI
Oct. 31. - Naperville/Illinois
Nov. 1-3rd - Chicago, IL
Nov. 14th - Boise, ID
Nov. 27th - Dec.1 Circle Star, San Carlos, CA

April 5th Ames, Iowa State
April 4th Hayes, Kansas, Kansas State
April 5th Denver, Colorado, Auditorium
April 7th Colorado Springs, Colorado, Air Force Academy
April 15th West Palm Beach, Florida, Auditorium
April 16th Lakeland, Florida, Arena
April 17th Jacksonville, Florida, Auditorium
April 18 & 19th Atlanta, Georgia, Civic Auditorium
April 20th Columbia, South Carolina, Coliseum
April 21st - Fayetteville, N.C. at the Cumberland County Memorial Arena
April 22-27th Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, Music Theater
May 9th - Topeka, Kansas - Municipal
May 10th & 11th - Kansas City, Kansas - Memoria1 Hall
May 12th - Sioux City, Iowa - Municipal Aud.
May 13th - Bismark, ND - Civic Arena
May 29th to June 11th Las Vegas, Nevada, Riviera Hotel
July 11th Toronto, Canada
July 12-15th Toronto, Canada, O'Keefe Center
July 14-15th Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
July 16-19th Independence, Michigan, Pine Knob
July 20th Erie, Pennsylvania, County Field House
July 21-26th Ballingford, Connecticut, Oakdale
July 27th Saratoga Springs, New York, Performing Arts
July 28-Aug. 5th Ararwick, Rhode Island, Music Theater
Aug. 4-9th Holmdel, New Jersey, Garden State Arts
Aug. 10-11th Columbia, Maryland
Aug. 12-13th Chicago, Illinois-Ravinia
Aug. 15th - Duluth, Minn. - Arena
Aug. 16th - Omaha, Neb. - Civic Auditorium
Aug. 17th - Minneapolis, Minn. - Auditorium
Aug. 19th thru 25th - Westchester, N.Y. - Premiere Theater
Aug. 21-Sep. 5th Las Vegas, Nevada-Riviera

*Las giras por Europa y Japón de aquél año, fueron canceladas.

Feb-March - Japanese Tour
May 29th, CALIFORNIA; Fesno, Selland Arena
June 10-23th NEVADA; Lake Tahoe, Sahara
July 1-7th NEVADE; Las Vegas, Riviera
July 27th CANADA; Edmonton, Coliseum
July 29th MINNEAPOLIS; Northrup, Auditorium
July 30th WISCONSIN; Madison, Cane County Auditorium
July 31st ILLINOIS; Chicago, Arie Crown Theater
AUGUST 1st ILLINOIS; Chicago, Arie Crown Theater
August 2nd INDIANA; Indianapolis, Convention Center
August 3rd INDIANA; Fort Wayne, Coliseum
August 4th MICHIGAN; Kalamazoo, Wings Stadium
August 5,6,7th CANADA; Toronto, O'Keefe Center
August 8th NEW YORK; Binghampton, Broome County Memorial auditorium
August 9th MASSACHUSETTS; Fitchburg, Wallace Civic Center (Tentative)
August 10th NEW YORK; Saratoga Springs, Performing Arts Center
August 12&13th MICHIGN; Pine Knob, Pine Knob Theater
August 28th through Sep. 8th NEVEDA; Las Vegas, Riviera
Oct. 13th Rexburg, Idaho, Ricks College
Oct. 14th Saltlake City, Utah, University, of Utah
Oct. 15th Logan, Utah, Utah State University
Oct. 16th Pravo, Utah Brigham Young University
Oct. 19th Searcy, Arkansas, Harding College
Oct. 20th Longview, Texas, Longview H. S. Auditorium
Oct. 21 Nocogdoches, Texas, Stephen Austin Coliseum
Oct. 22 Huntsville, Texas, Sam Houston State University
Oct. 23rd Norman, Oklahoma
Oct. 24th Houston, Texas, University of Texas
Oct. 25th Lake Charles, Louisiana, Civic Auditorium
Nov. 10th Munich, Germany, Deutches Museum
Nov. 12th Dusseldorf, Germany, Philipshalle
Nov. 13th Hamburg, Germany, Congress Centrum
Nov. 14th Amsterdam, Holland, Eden Hall
Nov. 15th Frankfurt. Germany-Jahrhunderhalle
Nov. 16th Edinburgh, Scotland U.K.
Nov. 18th Manchester, U.K., A.B.C.
Nov. 19th Blackpool, U.K., Opera House
Nov. 20th Birmingham, U.K., Hippodro
Nov. 22-27th London, Palladium
Nov. 25th London, BBC TV Special

August 2nd-15th, Harrah's Club, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.
October 12th-2lst, Tour of Japan.
November 2nd and 3rd, Manila, Philippines.
November 5th-l7th, Tour or Australia.
November 24th and 25th, Sheraton Ballroom. Honolulu, Hawaii.
December 24 through January 4, MGM Grand - Las Vegas, Nevada
June - MGM Grand - Las Vegas, Nevada
December 3th -Long Beach Pacific Terrace Theater- California.

November- Shopping Sendas Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

A continuación una lista de canciones inacabadas del dúo, muchas de ellas sólo contienen la música y no existe ningún registro vocal de la cantante. En otras, el cantante principal fue Richard. Como veis, algunos de los temas estaban siendo preparados durante el período 1982-1983. Esto hace suponer que hubiesen podido formar parte del que hubiera sido el siguiente álbum después de Made In America, de no haber fallecido Karen Carpenter.

Where Is Love?--75 

Love Is Coming Back--75


Try To Win A Friend--75

Magic In The Music--76 

Come And Be Kind--77 

I Can't Stay Mad At You--77 

For The Minute--77

I Finally Got It Right This Time--77

We Won't Be Back Tomorrow--77 

Second Thought--77 

Real Love--77 

Stay Young--77

KFRC Radio Jingle--78

Love Song--78 

All The Way--79 

Auld Lang Syne--79 

Better World--79 

Funny Faces--79 

I Don't Need You--79 

I'll Be Seeing You--79




Love Me Like The First Time--79 

Yours Sincerely--79  

Star Wars--79

Rainbows In Your Eyes--79 

I Don't Want My Arms Around You--80 (Cantada por Richard)
Last of the Romantics--80 

Play A Simple Melody--80 

Peter Pan Moon--80 

The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress--80 

You Made Me Feel Love--80 

Sweet Talkin' Guy--80 

All Good Things I Remember--81

Once In A Lifetime--81 

Fallin' For Love--82 

Fool Me--82 (Cantada por Richard) 

Love You Through and Though--82 

Stop Me--82 

Some Guys Have All The Luck--82 

Karen / Ella Medley--83 

Lord's Prayer--83 

Love As Old As The Heart (Cantada por Richard)--83 
Ain't Misbehavin--83   

How High The Moon--83 (medley)

I've Got Rhythm--83 

Slaughter On 10th Ave--83 

A Wedding Prayer--83 

You're Just In Love--83 

Don't Leave Me  ¿ ?

Just Somebody  ¿?

Savin' It Up ¿ ?  

Sebastion ¿ ?

Strike Up The Band ¿ ?  

Sunday Afternoon ¿ ? 

Telephone Co. Jingle ¿ ?

What Are You Doing For Love ¿ ?

Why Don't They Understand ¿ ? 

Con mucho cariño: Ignacio.

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