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187º-Richard Carpenter Net Worth-


Richard Carpenter Net Worth

Net Worth $ 10 Million

Born on: 15th Oct 46 
Born in: United States 
Marital status: Married 
Occupation: Musician 

Richard Carpenter net worth is estimated at $10 million. Carpenter, known as one half of the brother/sister duo the Carpenters  is an American pop musician. Richard Carpenter net worth came from their album releases beginning in 1987 as well as from his hit singles. Richard began as pianist of the Trio along with his sister Karen with the drum and friend Wes playing the tuba and bass in 1965. He and sister Karen went on and finally signed with A&M Records on April 22, 1969 recording the "(They Long to Be) Close to You" which climbed to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, staying there for a month, this started the accumulation of Richard Carpenter net worth . With the name “The Carpenters”, Richard and Karen have composed many songs like Yesterday Once More, Only Yesterday, Goodbye to Love, and Top of the World, these were icing on the cake to Richard Carpenter net worth . Richard Carpenter who is also known as a record producer, arranger, pianist and keyboardist, and occasional lyricist, and composer has helped in the productions of the documentaries Close to You: Remembering the Carpenters in 1997 and Only Yesterday: The Carpenters Story in 2007.

Family & relationships
  • Mary Carpenter Wife
  • Mindi Karen Carpenter Daugther
  • Tracy Tatum Carpenter Daughter
  • Collin Paul Carpenter Son 

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