jueves, 11 de febrero de 2016

198º-The Most Beautiful Voice-

What many people from all over the world on the internet say about Karen Carpenter :

"Never was there a richer, warmer female voice and never has there been since".

"the most beautiful voice that god ever put into a human being".

"she had the most hauntingly beautiful voice i've EVER heard".

"Karen Carpenter had one of the most beautiful tone qualities of any singer".

"Karen Carpenter, God rest her soul, had the most beautiful voice in the history of pop music".

"On the 8th day God created Karen A Carpenter!
I am glad She stop by".

"My all time fav female "voice" is Karen Carpenter". ...

"Karen Carpenter's voice was that of an angel on earth".

"I really don't understand how she sings like that. It's so clear, sharp, and sounds so unreal. Her voice is the eigth wonder of the world".

"but the inspiration of Nicholas Cage, who thinks Karen Carpenter's voice "was the most beautiful voice of all time".

"Karen carpenter!!! the voice never to be matched!!!".

"Karen Carpenter had by far, without a shadow of a doubt the best voice ever recorded! No one will ever come close to that angelic, pure, beautiful sound ever again. She was unique and has inspired
many other "divas" such as Gloria Estefan and Madonna, and Miss Shania Twain ... all 3 have been quoted as saying that Miss Karen was the singing inspiration growing up. So there u have it ... not at
all hard to choose the number one singer of all time. Enough said!".

"Her voice is like no other. I haven't heard any other female vocalist that comes close to her".

"May I also add that Karen Carpenter's voice sounded so angelic that she singlehandedly parted and opened the heavens so the Gods and angels could hear her".

"The most beautiful voice God ever created!".

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