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1. You say in your Q&A section that there are 8 versions of Yesterday Once More. Which version is present on the 13th single in the Japan Single Box?
The version on the new Japanese box set is the SINGLE version, the version that was released on the first edition of the NOW & THEN album on CD and the version that was released on their first compilation "The Singles 1969-1973."

2. What's the difference between Merry Christmas Darling on the 6th and on the 17th single in the Japan Single Box. Are these different versions?
These versions are all the same version - the single version that was first released on the 1991 box set "From The Top."

3. What's the difference between Top Of The World on the 11th and on the 15th single in the Japan Single Box? Different versions? If not, would you know why this song has been released as a single in Japan twice?
The 11th single contains the 'album version' and the 15th includes the single reworked version.

4. The same goes for I Won't Last A Day Without You. This song is present on the 12th and on the 16 th in the Japan Single Box. No different versions, I guess? So what could have been the reason for the 16th release in the 1973 Now & Then era while this track is from the previous 1972 A Song For You album? I don't understand.
Surprisingly they felt the song would a hit in the midst of their NOW & THEN album.  Single 12 includes the "A Song For You" version while the 16th includes a 'reworked' version of it.  Vocals are the same, but this one uses more of moog instument.

5. Look To Your Dreams has been edited for a single release as the B-side to Make Believe. Is this edit present on the 32th single in the Japan Single Box? The album version is 5.14 minutes long.
Unfortunately the version presented in the box set is the complete album version: piano ending complete.

6. The 25th single in the Japan Single Box contains Can't Smile Without You as the Japanese B-side to Sweet Sweet Smile. Would this be the alternate lyric version of the song (which was the US B-side to Calling Occupants) or is it just the 1976 album version?
The version presented here includes the 'alternate version' that was first released on CD on the "Singles 1974-1978" Canadian import and the "Sweet, Sweet Smile" import.

7. You say in your alternative versions section on your site that the single edit of (Want you) Back In My Life Again is present in the Japan Single Box. I can't find this title in this box at all. Are there different versions of this Japanese single box set available or did you make a mistake here? 
"(Want You) Back In My Life Again" was not released as a single in Japan and is not on the set.  The edited version is available on the Netherlands 3-CD set "The Ultimate Collection."

Are the Carpenters TV Specials available for release?
This question is a hard one to answer.  I'll start by saying that neither "The 1st TV Special", "Space Encounters", "Music! Music! Music", nor the two Christmas specials are available in their entirity.  Only in part.
For example:  The DVD "Gold" has Top of The World from the 1976 "The 1st TV Special", and "Interpretations" has When I Fall In Love from "Music! Music! Music!" and Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft from "Space Ecounters".  So, we know that parts have been mastered digitally and would assume that the rest of them are as well.
Richard recently said that it would be hellish to try to get these for release, and that he has no plans of doing so (along with many other Carpenters unreleased gems).
Will we ever see these releases in the future?  Perhaps, but don't hold your breath.  Richard doesn't seem to take in fan input.

QUESTION by: Justin Livingston (27 March 2005)
There have been many professionally filmed concerts.  For example: Amsterdam, Budokan (released only in Japan), BBC London, New London Theatre (london), Australia (B&W), White House (parts filmed. B&W).  There are more as well.  I'm working on the list!  So far the only released concert is the Japanese release "Live at the Budokan".
Richard claimed on his website in 2004, that there were no other filmed or recorded concerts.  There is video footege to prove him wrong, I just can't seem to figure out why he responded this way!

This is a question asked by many.  Unfortunately most of their material that they have recorded from 1969-1982 has been released.  However, there are some recordings from the pre-Carpenters days.  For example, "Spectrum" songs (many are versions that were put onto "Carpenters" albums, and there are CSLUB songs ("And When I Die", "Creasant Noon", etc) that have not all been released.  It seems as though there are no otehr "full recordings".  That is not saying "work lead" stuff only, that's how we got "Nowhere Man" and "Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again", and such.  Hopefully there is more, but I highly doubt it.

Richard is now retired.  However, he sometimes makes appearances for his Arts Centre. He has also been working on a Christmas album since 2002.

HOW MANY OFFICIAL CARPENTERS VIDEOS AND DVD'S ARE AVAILABLE? 5 "Close To You: Remembering The Carpenters" (VHS,DVD) "Yesterday Once More" (VHS), "Gold" (previously released as "Yesterday Once More") (DVD), "Interpretations: a 25th Anniversary Celebration" (VHS, DVD ), "Live at Budokan" (VHS {oop}, DVD {oop}, JAPAN ONLY!)

HOW MANY VERSIONS OF "YESTERDAY ONE MORE" are officially released?
1-Album Version ("Now & Then")
2-Remix Version (various compilations)
3-Short Version ("Now & Then" LP & Cassette only)
4-Live versions ("Live in Japan")
5-Perry Como Medley ("As Time Goes By")
6-Original Master Karaoke Version
7-Reprise ("Now & Then")
8- Super Audio Version ("Singles 1969-1981" SACD)

What are the official albums (not compilations) released?
"Offering", "Ticket To Ride" (Offering re-release), "Close To You", "Carpenters (self-titled)","A Song For You", "Now & Then", "Horizon", "A Kind of Hush", "Passage", "Christmas Portrait", "Karen Carpenter", "Voice of The Heart","An Old-Fashioned Christmas", "Time", "Lovelines" (includes "Karen Carpenter" tracks), "Pianist-Arranger-Composer-Conductor","As Time Goes By".

What are the OFFICIAL Live albums?
"Live in Japan" (1974) & "Live at the Palladium" (1976)

What is the latest Carpenters release?
"The Ultimate Collection" (UK and Asia)

How many Carpenters albums include Christmas songs?
"Christmas Portrait", "An Old-Fashioned Christmas", COMPILATIONS: "Christmas Portrait - The Special Edition", "From The Top" (4-CD Set), "Christmas Collection" (includes the "Christmas Portrait" and the "An Old-Fashioned Christmas" albums (2-CD's), "Christmas With The Carpenter" TIME LIFE (2-CD Set) {Remixed!}, and the "Readers Digest" (3-CD Set).

Also Richard included "Merry Christmas, Darling" on "Carpenters Perform Carpenter", "Gold - 35th Anniversary Edition", the Super Audio CD "Singles 1969-1981" and "The Japanese Singles Box."


There was, but it unfortunatly disbanded in 1989.

IS "MORE OFFERINGS" an official release? No! It's a terrible bootleg, with horrible audio! Some rare songs, although!

Where is "As Time Goes By" released?

Finally it is available worldwide.

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253º-Karen Carpenter Live 1978-


La calidad de imagen de esta misma grabación en la entrada número 63 es muy inferior, por eso la vuelvo a publicar en una nueva entrada.

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251º-Karen Carpenter Crush Club-

This is the home of the Official Karen Carpenter Crush Club!

If you wish to receive your own tailor made Crush Club Card please join us on facebook at Karen Carpenter Magazine

After you have joined the group you will be able to post your request to Irene for your own personalized Crush Club Card
You can post your request in the Crush Club thread.

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The Karen Carpenter Crush Club was developed by Rick Henry and the president of the Crush Club is Irene Economou.

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250º-Fan Club Newsletter #66-

Greetings Friends!

The Carpenter family wish to convey their warmest thanks for all the beautiful cards and gifts, and hope you all enjoyed the Holidays with your families and friends.

Our local radio stations provided us with many happy listening hours of Christmas Portrait music over the festive season.

Karen has made several return trips to New York in connection with her recordings, and we can anticipate release of her solo album sometime in March. She is in New York now, working on the final segments, but until completion stage it cannot be determined which track will be chosen for the initial single release, so watch for it soon.

Richard and Karen recently participated in the popular TV show 20/20 with Herb Alpert, which is due to air shortly, but no date is set at present time.

You will be happy to know tentative plans are in the making for a Carpenters Special some time in the Spring. Taping is scheduled to begin next month, but there is no information on the theme or guests as this letter goes to press.

Showing signs of having benefited greatly from his overdue hiatus, Richard plans on returning to the studios with Karen when she returns from New York, to resume work on their next album which will embrace some of the music they will feature in their Special.

Richard recently made two different type records! He's thoroughly enjoyed being involved with his cars and attending car auctions. Over the Thanksgiving weekend he paid a record price for a 1966 Mustang Convertible, and sold his 1959 Chrysler 300 for a record price.

Regarding the information I conveyed to you in the #65 newsletter pertaining to the Japanese LP The Carpenters First Ten Years, Alfa Records have since advised me of an error on the price. This should have been Y4,800 NOT Y4,500 plus Y5,000 for shipping etc. They wish to apologize for any inconvenience incurred by the error, but those who ordered would be wise to send the balance of Y300 promptly to ensure delivery of same.

Alfa Records have also compiled two new Carpenters releases which may interest you collectors. Both albums are entitled Sound Capsule Carpenters Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. Price for each recording is Y2,500 plus Y2,800 for shipping and handling.

Indicative of the appreciation of the Singles 1974-1978 released in England last year, it has already achieved Platinum status!

Many hours of preparation and research has finally culminated in a very nice souvenir book (now in mailing process) as a token of gratitude from the Carpenters for your faithful support during the first decade of their recording career. Enjoy!

These books will not be sold outside the fanclub, so anyone who wishes further copies for friends, can obtain them from the fanclub for $X.XX for USA members, and $X.XX for members residing outside the States. The price includes shipping and handling.

The Carpenter homestead in Downey is an annual spectacle as the Holiday Season approaches, but this year was even more spectacular with the addition of a life-size Snoopy positioned on the red carpeted porch accompanying an enormous frosty reindeer (complete with gift wrapped packages) suspended over the porch railings. Dad Carpenter who supervises the decorating was awarded first prize in the form of a plaque presented by Chaney Realtors for the "Gallery Of Homes Christmas Decoration Contest". The usual stream of visitors filed past to view the magnificent sight.

As I have no further news just now, I'll include the answers to some of your questions:

Q. Does Karen hope for better promotion for her solo LP than previous Carpenters releases of recent years, and will she do a promo tour?

A. There is a possibility Karen might do a short promo tour. She feels A & M are behind them, and she and Richard feel very proud of being selected American Top 40's #1 Recording Duo of the past decade.

 Q. Have Karen and Richard ever met Barbra Streisand?

A. Yes, many times. 
Q. How many cars does Karen have now?
A. Three: 1956 Thunderbird Convertible, 1972 Mercedes, 1979 Jaguar XJS. 
Q. On which tracks did Karen play drums on the Horizon album?
A. Please Mr. Postman and Happy. 
Q. Did Karen and Richard see Grease, did they like it, and would they ever consider participating in a similar type film? 
A. They both saw it, enjoyed it and would consider such a venture if the opportunity arose.
Q. Is Karen going to appear on Loveboat or Fantasy Island?
A. She is interested in appearing if a suitable script is offered. 
Q. Is it possible K&R might do a USA Singles 1974-1978 release?
A. They have no plans for this at the present time. 
Q. Did Karen visit Studio 54 while in New York?
A. She was invited, but had to decline due to pressure of work.
 Q. Will the Carpenters be touring in 1980?
A. There is a slight possibility, but no concrete plans at present.

The Carpenters Christmas Portrait album cover was reproduced for their personalized Christmas cards this year. As their hand written message inside the card was so meaningful, one was mailed to our hostages in Iran. To reflect their message seems a fitting conclusion to this letter: "For a warm and full season, we send you our wishes for Peace among men, and Love throughout the world". Karen & Richard.

Everyone connected with our duo warmly endorses their message.

Happy New Year! Rosina.

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249º-Fan Club Newsletter #48-

Carpenters Fan Club Newsletter #48 (April 1976) 

Hi Fans, 

The long awaited news is now confirmed. The new album "A Kind of Hush" 
will be released June 11.
 Karen's lilting voice accompanying Richard's beautiful arrangements is super terrific.
 Every song is a winner, but my favorite is "I Need to Be in Love" composed by Richard 
and John Bettis, and was released as a single on May 21.

The lovely birthday cards you send for Karen's and Mom Carpenter are sincerely appreciated. 

They send their combined thanks for your thoughtfulness and generosity.
 K & R worked on the new album until 3:00 a.m. the morning of their departure for Japan. 

Ray Gerhardt their sound engineer had put in long hours with K & R, and was looking forward to some relaxation while they were on tour. 

He was also eager to fully acquaint himself with the new Jaguar K & R had presented 
him in appreciation of the super engineering work he had done on their albums.

Ray was twice nominated for grammy's, on both occasions for his engineering expertise on Carpenters albums. His relaxation dreams were wiped out when last minute plans included him in the trip to Japan to help Gary with Sound equalization. 

A passport was rushed through, and Ray found himself transported from the studio's Mix-3 to an American Airlines 747. The tour was successful and pleasant, including the one with two mishaps that added more humor to the show and delighted the audience. At concert opening, slides are  projected on to a screen showing K & R as infants, toddlers, and teenagers, up to the present time, while Karen stands offstage singing "We've Only Just Begun". 

At one concert, one of the slides was erroneously shown upside down, and when Karen saw it, she cracked up and laughed so hard that she was unable to complete the songs, and the audience joined in the laughter. Later, at the same performance when she was seated at the drums, the snare drum stand broke and the snare slid kerplunk right into her lap, but the trooper that she is, kept on drumming without missing a beat. Winter weather was reluctant to leave Japan, and during their stay the weather was extremely cold with 98% rain and a little snow. 

The huge concert halls where they performed were almost impossible to heat, so electric heaters were set on stage facing the group, in spite of which they were chilled to the bone, but hot baths and massages before retiring prevented them from catching colds. Heaters in their dressing rooms kept them comfortable and warm, but outside the dressing rooms they could see their breath, a rare sight for Southern Californians! 

Always on the alert for ideas or changes to improve their show, they videotaped on e of their concerts for later viewing. The President and Vice-President of the Sony Corporation invited themto tour the building where they were shown the latest concepts of the Sound Industry, and presented them with beautiful cassette recorders.

They also toured the National Corporation where Panasonic is manufactured, and Richard was very impressed with the new Tetnics Hi Fi equipment. There he received a very nice turntable. He was also the recipient of a super Panasonic receiver with AM/FM Marine band, short wave, etc; from Tats, their Japanese promoter. It was a cold, windy, rainy day when K & R visited one of the 
Japanese Temples, and respecting Japanese custom, they removed their shoes before entering. The icy cold floor almost froze their feet, so the visit was brief. From there they drove to the Ashiaya

Much of their spare time was spent relaxing in their hotel suites watching American TV programs. Mom & Dad had video-taped their favorite programs that they were missing each night while working on the new album. Richard had a special case custom built on rollers, large enough to house their videocassette player and hundred plus tapes while in transit, so American TV rolled right along with them. Four more Gold Records were presented to K & R by King Record Co. "Live in japan", "Horizon", "Only Yesterday" and "Mr. Postman" all earned them each a Gold Record, bringing the total of Japanese awards to 18. "A Kind of Hush" will no doubt earn them another Japanese "Gold" as it was #1 in Japan while they were on tour there. It was being played wherever they went, even in the watch shop where they were browsing. Richard "digs" watches as he does cars! He purchased an extremely attractive seiko L.C.; the very latest in digital watches. It's called a Cronograph and features a quartz crystal, AM/FM indicator as well as date, hour and seconds plus a push button that makes it a stop watch.

The whole group thought it was A-OK and each purchased a similar one before leaving Japan. Fans had showered them with gifts at every concert, presenting them to Karen from below stage while she was simultaneously singing, holding the mike and bending forward to shake hands and accept gifts. Incredible as it may seem, there were no duplications among the hundreds of items they brought home, though 2 wooden crates each 4 foot square by 4 foot high were built to transport them. At concert's end fans rushed the stage causing near riots. Excitement was so tremendous some nights that K & R were not allowed to shake hands for fear of being accidentally pulled offstage and getting injured. Though the language barrier was not a major problem, there were times they experienced difficulty ordering meals. The following is a quote from notes Karen kept to help me in writing the newsletter' "It's now Thursday morning, I've just had breakfast. I ordered 3 scrambled eggs and I got 3 ORDERS of scrambled eggs! I'm very full." Karen learned to speak a little Japanese (which is not the easiest language to learn) to enable her to thank fans for their concern while she was ill and let them know she is fine now. She spoke it fluently, even changing the dialect from city to city. After K & R returned home, mail poured in from Japan, praising and thanking them for speaking to them in their language. Their last day was a time racer which almost resulted in missing the flight home, but for the cooperation and swift action of Shorty, one of the Japanese road managers. A nine hour flight returned them to Los Angeles with fond memories and a tour well done. We held up the newsletter to wait for final information on a Tentative Tour Schedule now available as follows:

May 29 - Fesno, CA - Selland Arena 
Jun 10 - 23 - Lake Tahoe, NV - Sahara 
July 1 - 7 - Las Vegas, NV - Riviera 
July 27 - Edmonton, Canada - Coliseum 
July 29 - Minneapolis, MN - Northrup Auditorium 
July 30 - Madison, WI - Dane County Auditorium 
July 31 - Aug 1 - Chicago, IL - Arie Crown Theater 
Aug 2 - Indianapolis, IN - Convention center 
Aug 3 - FOrt Wayne, IN - Coliseum 
Aug 4 - Kalamazoo, MI - Wings Stadium 
Aug 5 - 7 - Toronto, Canada - O'Keefe Center 
Aug 8 - Binghampton, NY - Broome County Memorial Auditorium 
Aug 9 - Fitchburg, MA - Wallace Civic Center 
Aug 10 - Saratoga Springs, NY - Performing Arts Center 
Aug 12/13 - Pine Knob, MI - Pine Knob Theater 
Aug 26 - Sept 8 - Las Vegas, NV - Riviera 

Please be sure to confirm these dates with your ticket outlets in advance to avoid last minute disappointment. In response to numberous inquiries, we regret to inform you, the Dinah Shore "Tribute to the Carpenters" show, has been cancelled indefinitely, but any changes will be announced in a future newsletter. 
That's all for now - will rap later - Ev. 

Remember no man is a failure who has friends 
Clarence the Angel from It's a Wonderful Life 

People may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel 
Carl W. Buechner 

Man is the only animal that weeps; for he is the only one that is struck with the difference between what things are and what they ought to be. 

John Keats 

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248º-Fan Club Newsletter #40-

Carpenters Fan Club Newsletter #40 - December 1974
Hi Fans!
By now you have no doubt heard the new Carpenter single Please Mr Postman and agree it is another hit. Their new Christmas single Santa Claus Is Coming To Town should be in the stores very soon. It's quite different from the original version, and beautifully arranged of course by Richard. The flip side features Merry Christmas Darling.
Richard and Dad wish to convey their gratitude for the lovely cards and gifts they received from you all for their birthdays.
Richard & Karen sincerely regret the postponement of several concerts scheduled for November. During their TV taping, Karen developed laryngitis and was unable to talk or sing. Her doctor ordered her to rest and forbid her to sing until she was completely recovered. The concerts were rescheduled for the end of December. During their stay in Las Vegas, they were given one of the club's 74 Alvarados to drive. They left for Vegas 2 days early to take in a couple of the nightclub shows. They enjoyed Liberace and also saw the entertaining colorful spectacle at the new MGM Hotel, Hallelujah Hollywood.
On stage they worked with the Riviera Club orchestra conducted by Mr. Palumbi. Concerts went so well, they recorded them professionally for a future "live" album. The program included the Warsaw Concerto, performed by Richard on the concert grand, and the audience loved it. Their opening act was Gabriel Kaplan, a clever comedian.
In Milwaukee, they were privileged to watch the Ali - Foreman fight on closed circuit TV. They were very impressed by the beauty of the Performing Arts Center where they performed and appreciated the lovely dinner brought in for them between shows.
The Astor Hotel in Chicago was 'old home' to them, as they'd stayed there on previous occasions, but this time they shared it with other celebrities. Latimore Horowitz and Elton John used the Astor as headquarters while doing shows in or near Chicago. Groupie commotion there was endless.
Mr. Horowitz, one of the world's greatests pianists, had come out of retirement to stage several special concerts. Elton John invited Richard & Karen to one of his concerts, but unfortunately their own shows coincided with his and they were unable to attend. Their hotel rooms were equipped with pay TV and Richard & Karen watched first run movies - a rare privilege, not usually allowed for in their busy tour and recording schedule.
Lansing, Michigan weather was a drastic change from the warm temperature they enjoyed in Chicago. It was 30-40 degrees cooler and raining. Technical difficulties on stage added to the gloom. The audience saved the day.
They were the best audience they had since the tour began and K & R loved them. At the hotel, a young girl, claiming to be housekeeper frequently barged in unannounced until Richard put a stop to it. In spite of more crummy weather in Saginaw, the concert was sold out and went very well. In both Saginaw and Muskegon, their concerts were held in ice rinks, which is not one of their favorite places to perform. Low temps must be maintained to keep the ice from melting and though the floor is covered, the cold comes through and freezes their feet. A refreshing and first time interlude for the group was offered by Curt Mercer, their sound engineer, who donned ice skates and did some fancy skating for them while the overture was played.
In New Castle Indiana, their concert was performed in the Chrysler High School Field House, which is the largest and finest one for a high school. 10,500 people can be squeezed in for a basketball game. Concert capacity is considerably less. The field house design is great for sports, but Carpenters' concert -the first concert to be held there - brought to light a number of diffuculties for stagehands. Richard compared the field house design to that of a tea cup, with bleachers on inside walls and the group at the bottom of the cup. There is no way to back a truck up to the stage and unload equipment. Instead, it must be brought from the top, down an aisle to the bottom. 40 stage hands worked very hard to get the huge truckload of Carpenter equipment down the aisle to the stage. The biggest problem was the huge soundboard, and the 9 ft. concert grand. It was a bigger problem still getting them back UP.
In Fort Wayne they played in a very flashy red, yellow and blue building which housed another ice rink. Electrical problems in the dressing rooms gave them a few headaches. When the iron and hair dryer was used at the same time, all the lights blew, so clothes pressing had to wait until hair drying was completed. In Champaign, Illinois they played to 11,000 people for a home-coming. They were pleased with the assembly hall on the campus of the University of Illinois. In spite of restrictions, a fellow wearing a security badge, but sans security uniform, got into Richard's dressing room and asked for a pen. Richard offered his, the man left, then returned momentarily with a Polaroid picture of himself with a message on it for Karen. When Richard noticed that every word in the message was misspelled, he became suspicious and called a genuine security guard who discovered the badge was a fake, and proceeded to usher the man out of the building.
After the concert, the dinner at the Boorshead was excellent, and well worth the long drive to get there. Lodging was the Paradise, designed like a motel from out of the past. The group enjoyed the food as well as the nostalgic atmosphere of the building design which featured port hole windows in the doors.
The flight home was a bit grueling. It was lengthy, with several stops, and although they flew first class as always, their meal consisted of a corned beef sandwich and a brownie each. Not too substantial for a hungry group. There was another "Mr Guder" aboard who gave Richard a bad time. When Richard turned in his seat to talk to Doug who sat behind him, his view of him was blocked by the 'No Smoking' sign on the back of his seat which he removed temporarily. "Mr. Guder" told him to replace it or he would tell the captain. Richard ignored him, and the captain was informed and promptly replied that it didn't worry him. Guess the atmosphere was a little tense for a while. The lights of the Los Angeles airport were a very welcome sight to them that night.
We have room for a few questions which have picked at random.
Q. Do Richard & Karen have any relatives in show business?
A. No.
Q. What are their feelings towards Bette Midler?
A. They think she's a great performer.
Q. How many first cousins do Richard & Karen have?
A. Twelve.
Q. Has Richard ever tried to teach Karen to play piano?
A. No.
Q. Does the red car on the cover of the Now And Then album belong to Richard?
A. Yes. It is his 1972 Ferrari G T C.
Q. Is the house on this same cover their parents home?
A. Yes.
Q. How long does it take them to produce an album?
A. Approximately 3 months depending upon unforeseen technical problems.
Q. Will Richard & Karen be featured in any talk shows in the near future?
A. No talk shows are scheduled for the present time. Sometimes they are only given a couple days notice, which makes it difficult to advise you in advance.
Q. Is there any significance attached to the identical gold bracelets they wear?
A. No. They each bought their own because they liked them so much. However, each own an elegant rope-like bracelet, a gift from Herb Alpert 4 years ago.
Q. What were the four Platinum records for, mentioned in newsletter #39?
A. They each received one for The Singles and for Now And Then in Holland.
Q. Did Top Of The World reach Gold status?
A. Yes.
Thank you all for your interest. Keep those questions coming in.
IMPORTANT: A new post office ruling states that all letters without return addresses on the outside of the envelope will be sent to the dead letter office so DON'T FORGET TO WRITE YOUR RETURN ADDRESS ON ALL LETTERS, especially those containing orders for merchandise.

Rap with you in 1975. EV

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247º-The Carpenters International Fan Club-

The Carpenters International Fan Club disbanded in 1989.
The newsletters written by Ms. Evelyn Wallace and Ms. Rosina Sullivan.

NEWSLETTER #1 - May, 1971 
Hi Fans! The following information on our famous brother-sister team pertaining to their individual characteristics etc. may interest you. Richard Lynn Carpenter (Libra) was born at 12:53 a. m. on Tuesday, October 15, 1946. Blonde hair, hazel eyes. Present height 6 ft. His voice range in low E for two octaves. His favorite colors are yellow, black and gold. Hobbies include luxury cars, sports cars (the faster the better) and antique cars. He collects records, specially old 78's. Karen Anne Carpenter (Pisces) was born at 11:45 a. m. on Thursday, March 2, 1950. Brown hair and eyes. Present height 5 ft. 4 in. Her voice rang is C below middle C to G above height C. Her favorite colors are red, black and yellow. Hobbies include cooking, needlepoint and bowling. She loves horses, and her love of them convinced her to make the move to California from New Haven, Connecticut where she and Richard were born. Karen was rather disappointed when her parents bought a house in the city of Downey, where she discovered there was no room to house a horse. However, she settled for a second love - a dog. At present she has a beautiful Belgian Shepherd she calls Lady and a Sammoyed pup she has named Mush. Karen's private collection consists of a variety of stuffed animals. What do they wear when they're home? Both prefer blue jeans and T-shirts. Like most people, they like to dress for comfort. Richard likes old shoes that are well broken in. Karen has a thing about fuzzy bedroom slippers, and takes a pair to wear on tour in her dressing room. Favorite food? Karen's favorite is spaghetti, home made fruit salad, Italian egg-plant and barbecue ribs. Richard just likes FOOD most any kind. Richard and Karen both enjoy a game of pool. They have a pool table installed in their home, and visitors challenged to a game, find they have stiff competition. Both enjoy movies and t. v. Richard particularly likes science fiction films. Richard and Karen attended Long Beach State College. See you later - Evelyn  

NEWSLETTER #2 - June, 1971 
Hi Fans! Thought you'd like to hear a bit about the CARPENTERS midwest tour this past February. The going was rough as the weather was cold, wet and miserable. Living conditions were horrible, as roads were covered with ice and snow. A lot of driving was involved, because there were no airline connections between many of the towns where they were scheduled to appear. To top it off, both Richard and Karen took sick, due to extreme cold. Being acclimated to the warmer Southern California weather, their blood had thinned, and in spite of extra warm clothing they wore, they got chilled to the marrow while driving, and caught chills. On February 8th they played Kearney, Nebraska, but much to the disappointment of the audience, the show had to be cut short, and Karen was taken to the hospital. She had developed flu and laryngitis. (This show was re-scheduled for May 24th). The next day was their day off (the only one they had all month) so Karen had a chance to recuperate a little. A couple more trips to doctors between Kearney and Cedar Rapids, and she was back on stage the night of the 10th. Washington's birthday found them in St. Louis, bound for Weatherford, Oklahoma. They had played at Meramec College in St. Louis the night of the 21st, and their next engagement was at S. W. Oklahoma State University, a distance of 569 miles. The group was scheduled to take a 10:00 a. m. flight from St. Louis, and arrive in Oklahoma City (72 miles east of Weatherford) about noontime. However, shortly after arising to snow-filled skies, they were informed all flights had been canceled, due to blizzard conditions .They were assured that landing conditions in Tulsa were much better, should they decide to fly there, then drive nearly 200 miles to Weatherford. They decided on the alternate route, and the driving distance seemed more like 2000 miles than 200 as they slipped, slid and slushed through ice filled roads and blinding drifting snow. They finally reached their destination safely, quite an accomplishment for youngsters who had earned their driving licenses in California, and had never before driven in such miserable conditions. On arrival at their motel, where rooms had been reserved from them in advance. They learned their reservations had been canceled due to the large amount of people stranded there. Every motel and hotel room in town was filled with visitors stranded by the storm. When the students of S. W. Oklahoma University heard of their plight, they invited the group to spend the night at their dorms. There were 150 girls to greet Karen when she arrived at the girl's dorm, weary from the travel, but grateful for a place to rest before the evening's performance. Richard and Karen assumed that only a handful of people would brave the blizzard that continued to rage, to attend their concert. They were mighty surprised when the curtain rose, and they found instead, a very large and enthusiastic audience. They were indeed gratified to discover their efforts to reach their venue in Weatherford were not in vain. The students of S. W. O. U. will forever be endeared in the hearts of Richard and Karen Carpenter. Evelyn 

NEWSLETTER #3 - July, 1971
Hi Fans! After a long hot tour of the South States in April/May, CARPENTERS finally reached home base, their beautiful home in Downey. Karen's firsts thought after greeting Mush and Lady, was to take a dip in their pool, but Richard just wanted to sit down, relax and listen to records. But they were faced with business meetings and a very busy TV schedule. By 8:30 a. m. the day after they arrived home, they were at the NBC Television Studio getting made-up for the taping of their first show "Make Your Own Kind of Music. " This is THEIR show - an hour long variety production, scheduled to air July 20th. Watch your TV Guide or local newspaper for time schedule. It will replace the Don Knotts show so it might be in the same time slot. (Don will make a few cameo appearances on their show. ) To Karen, TV taping is a drag when not on camera. Ambitious young lady that she is, she hates to stand around and wait. If you've ever visited or read about TV tapings, you know there is scads of waiting time while lights are changed, sets are re-done, hair is re-styled for a new scene, make-up is touched or entirely re-done, etc. Then there is rehearsing! Lots of rehearsing! The same song over and over again and again. Not because THEY need it, but because the cameramen need to get their shots just right for every movement. They did eight shows in eight days time, working long and wearisome hours to accomplish this incredible feat. But at long last it was finished and they were able to leave on a well-deserved and much needed vacation -- almost. Lady and Mush, Karen's dogs, had other ideas. They had been following Karen back and forth from house to garage as she packed and carried here luggage to the car. Just as she was ready to climb into the back seat beside her Mom, Mush and Lady slipped into the car and jumped up on the seat leaving absolutely no room for Karen. She tried coaxing them out and pulling them out but they braced their feet and wouldn't budge. Finally, Richard, too, had to get from behind the steering wheel, and between the two of them, they finally enticed Lady and Mush into their secretary's car. She took them for a short ride while Richard, Karen, Mom and Dad made their "Get-away", and headed for the East Coast in Richard's Mark III. I know you all wish them a grand vacation and I'll try to capture a little of it and put it into the next Newsletter. So long 'til next month. Evelyn 

NEWSLETTER #4 - August, 1971
Hi Fans! The price of fame is a cold meal or no meal at all! This is what Karen and Richard discovered during their June vacation. They were recognized and swamped in every restaurant they entered. Their salad wilted, soup turned cold, dinners got cold and drinks became watery from melting ice while Richard and Karen signed autograph after autograph for waiting fans who offered napkins, menus, coats purses and even arms and legs for signatures. There is one family they will never forget. During breakfast a family of six spotted them and though the youngsters were eager to go to their table and request their autographs, the mother and father restrained them and marched them out of the restaurant. There they waited until the CARPENTER family finished eating and returned to their car. THEN they got their autographs. Too bad more fans aren't that thoughtful at meal time. In New Haven, a cousin had planned a party for them. It was to be a small one and they had invited only a handful of close friends. But news travels fast and the small party soon grew to over a hundred people and had to be moved out doors. At Nathan Hale School where they went to visit two of their former favorite teachers they were swamped by several hundred youngsters. Visiting an Aunt in Maryland, a neighbor lady called and asked them to "Please step out in your Aunt's back yard so I can sweep down the alley to see you. ", which they did. Another - a dog named Lucky delivered to Richard and Karen a request for an autograph - he got it. In Ocean City, they spent two whole days on the beach without being recognized. The third day they went to a restaurant for dinner and the swamp story continued from then on. They managed to allude fans for a little while one day when they took an early morning bike ride on the little board walk. They were recognized, they know, when they saw faces pop out of windows and doors, but they were riding too fast for anyone to catch them. Because of the constant crowds they couldn't get in much sight-seeing but they did have fun one day catching crabs. I asked Karen how she went about catching them and she replied "very carefully"; we tied chicken on a string, she explained and when they had a good hold we pulled them out of the water very slowly. We got enough for a meal and Mom steamed them but everybody had to crack their own. They enjoyed being on the East Coast but were glad to get back home to the privacy of their back yard and their swimming pool. (Karen has finally had a chance to swim in it.) During the two days they had off before their Hollywood Bowl Concert (which was a sell out) Karen managed to get a lovely tan while Richard browsed through music stores buying more records to add to his already huge collection. A number of you have asked what a typical day in the life of the CARPENTERS is like. Next month I'll try to give you an idea of what it is like both home and on the road. In the meantime, there is good news for all Fan Club Members!!! Beautiful colored CARPENTER posters are now available to Fan Club Members for half price. More next month. Evelyn 

NEWSLETTER #5 - September, 1971
Hi Fans! I promised you a typical day in the life of the CARPENTERS, so this will cover a day on tour. The phone rings in their hotel rooms at 6:00 a. m. to inform them of the time of day. Though their bodies are pleading for another hour or so of sleep, their minds tell them they must get up and be on their way to their next engagement. They dress, pack, and are on their way. Sometimes it's a cab that takes them to the airport, other times a rented vehicle will transport them and their tons of equipment by surface to their next appearance. In a plane, both Karen and Richard try to catch another forty winks. In a car, Richard drives, so lucky Karen gets to conk out on the back seat for a bumpy nap. When they reach their destination, they check in at their scheduled hotel, and by that time are ready for breakfast. It's noontime or close to it. After eating, they drive to the theater or arena to set up their equipment and instruments, and test the sound system. Now they're ready for rehearsal which lasts three to five hours. It's getting close to concert time, and they haven't thought about dinner. Oh well, they'll grab something after the performance. On their way to their dressing rooms to prepare for the concert, they find that sandwiches and snacks have been brought in for them. If they're real lucky like they were in Fresno, it might even be fried chicken and shrimp with baskets of bread, platters of cold cuts, cheese and hors d'oeuvres, and lots of nice fresh fruit. If time is running short, Karen might fix a plate, carry it to her dressing room and eat it while she dresses. Richard likes to sit down and enjoy his meal while conversing with stage hands or musicians. By this time, the audience has arrived, the theater is packed, and it's time for the opening act to go on. Karen hasn't even showered but she's not worried. She has her 'getting ready' time worked to a precise art. While showering, she also washes her hair. (Yes, everyday). She dries it with a hand dryer until it is barely damp, then up in curlers it goes, then dries it completely under a 'plastic cap' dryer. Whilst under this, she applies her makeup and slips into her stage clothes. Hair now dry, she removes the curlers, a brisk brushing and she's ready to make her appearance. Her timing is perfect. Richard's dressing schedule is much the same as Karen's. Performance over, and the last bow made to the audience in appreciation of their standing ovation and generous applause, they rush backstage and change into street clothes. After they have changed, and if the security guard permits, they sign autographs for fans, pose for pictures, etc. If they are hungry they go out to eat, and though the hour is late, there are still autograph requests during their meal. Back in their hotel, they watch TV while their dinner settles, then back in the sack to sleep 'til an early morning phone call beckons them to new horizons in another town. See ya next month when I'll let you peak into a day of their lives at home. EV.  

NEWSLETTER #6 - October, 1971
Hi Fans! This month, I promised you a typical day in the lives of the CARPENTERS at home; so we'll begin in the wee small hours of the morning, between 2:00 and 3:00 a. m. which is about the time Richard and Karen arrive home from A&M Studios, after a fourteen hour recording session. They are dog-tired, and their beds look very appealing. They are soon fast asleep, and if visions of anything dance through their slumbering heads, it has to be visions of 'sleeping in' and arising at their leisure. Alas, this does not materialize. By 9:00 a. m. the phones are ringing and managers agents, business and professional associates are requesting time for meeting, interviews, photo sessions, publicity, taping etc. etc. They amble downstairs to the sunny kitchen for a light breakfast. (They love juice and cereal, and rarely eat a heavy breakfast.) Richard usually wears jeans and a T-shirt. Karen is comfortable in a robe and fuzzy bedroom slippers. They scan the morning papers, read some of their fan mail and it time permits, Karen enjoys exercising her brains with a crossword puzzle. Breakfast over, they shower, shampoo hair and dress in readiness for their first meeting or interview. If they're lucky, it will take place in their home, and if on schedule, they might have time for a quick game of pool between meetings. When the meetings etc. are scheduled away from home, they find they must head many times in a direction many miles from the studio. They are obliged to fight time and freeway traffic to reach their destination on time. They may have strings or woodwinds coming in, and they don't want to keep the musicians waiting. Once at the studio, they know they will be there for another lengthy session, and won't see their beds until the wee hours again. They love their work, and truly pour their hearts, talents, patience and personalities into their music they express so uniquely. Days off are rare indeed, but when they do pop-up occasionally, they want to relax. You might find Karen in the pool, doing needlepoint, or just sunning herself on the patio. In between naps, she 'roughs it up' with her dogs, Lady and Mush who have waited patiently for her loving and attention. Richard's loves on a day off are listening to his records or tapes, and/or buying new ones. He has a tremendous collection of singles and albums which include fine old rare 33's. An ardent admirer of Spike Jones - he has a large number of his records which he treasures. When not involved with his music, he also enjoys a spin on this motorbike, and watching car races. It can be said they never really have a day off, as they constantly plan ahead for upcoming concerts, new albums, etc. Arguments between them are very rare. There is a deep understanding between them, and a strong brother-sister love for each other. With the busy schedule you have just read, they don't have time to fight! They are intelligent youngsters who have learned to enjoy each other's company - even in silence on the way home from a long hard day at the studio. More next month. EV.  

NEWSLETTER #7 - November, 1971
Hi Fans! First of all, a special message from Richard; He sends a heartfelt THANK YOU for all the cards and gifts you sent him for his birthday, and for the time and effort that went into some of the lovely things that he received. Mom and Dad Carpenter too, appreciate your thoughtfulness and are quick to display your offerings to guest and visitors. One of the cutest gifts was some thumb print portraits drawn by a fan named Susie, depicting Karen and Richard as children. In one, young Richard was shown eating while baby sister Karen sat on the floor using kettle covers as cymbals. Really cute! Thanks again Susie and everyone for everything. The European tour is over and Richard and Karen are glad to be back home in the good old U. S. A. There is no place like it, they say! They were treated nicely in the countries they visited, especially England and France. For sight-seeing they managed to visit the Eiffel Towel in Paris, and take a boat ride on the scenic Amsterdam canals. They also saw THE WALL in Berlin and spoke of it as depressing and heartbreaking. Their London bound 747 was forced to land in Goose Bay, Newfoundland to discharge a sick passenger, and after a 2 1/2 hour delay they were again airborne. In London they did a T. V. Special with Tom Jones and discovered what a "groovy" guy he is. They enjoyed his company and loved working with him. A T. V. Special in Berlin afforded them the opportunity to meet and work with Lulu and Herman of The Hermits. They enjoyed dinner at Lulu's home one evening and yet another friendship had been chalked up. Amsterdam's TV Special was strictly a CARPENTER special with full orchestra. No other guest star featured on the program. The Royal Albert Hall in London was a sell out for their concert there. The duo's aunt and uncle, residents of London, were in the audience, brought to the hall in a limousine ordered by Richard and Karen. The change in water and time created some difficulties. The water made them ill, and the time change caused trouble when they tried to sleep.. There was also a language barrier in Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam. Neither Karen or Richard speak French or German which created difficulties when ordering meals. In Paris they dined at the famous LaSaiire's, and in London they managed to visit Annabelle's and Burke's, both famous for good food. While in London they also found time for a bit of shopping, and Karen fond a beautiful blue suede pants and vest outfit, and a tan suede coat with matching hat. Needless to say she is very fond of suede clothes. En-route home from London they ran into head winds so they had to land in Greenland to refuel, which caused a lengthy 2 hour delay. When they arrived home they found all their equipment was missing. We all held our breath for a few days, wondering if it would show up in time for the next tour. It finally arrived, so last minute packing was accomplished by midnight of the 18th and we had the group at the airport by 7:00 a. m. next day! A last minute change in schedule has been announced, and regretfully, too late for you fans to be advised in advance. They are scheduled now to do the Johnny Carson show again on November 5th. This time they will appear with only their bass player Bob Messenger as a Jazz Trio. They will also do another Carol Burnett show, but no date has been set for that at this time. They have another overseas tour coming up in February scheduled for Australia. It will be summertime there, so hopefully, weather-wise, they will fare better than the February tour when they encountered 28 days of sleet, slush, rain, penetrating north winds and Blizzards. Homeward bound from "down under" they will visit Japan and Hawaii for more concerts. They cherish happy memories of former visits there. EV.  

NEWSLETTER #8 - December, 1971 
Hi Fans! November brought another honor to our famous duo. A telegram from Jack Haley and Danny Thomas, informed them they had been voted MUSICAL GROUP OF THE YEAR by the American Guide of Variety Artists. The award will be presented on a major T. V. Special on CBS, hosted by Ed Sullivan on Saturday, December 11th. Sunday, December 5th, Richard and Karen will be Grand Marshalls of the Downey Christmas Parade. Two days hence will be Carpenter Day in Downey, with a full schedule planned for the popular Carpenters. There will be a visit to a local hospital, signing autographs for sick patients, a tree planting ceremony in a local park, a tour of the Work Training Center, a luncheon hosted by the Downey Rotary Club, and a tour of the Downey Theater where a reception will be given in their honor. At the theater they will initiate a "Wall of Fame" by presenting two Gold Records to the City of Downey. Sounds exciting doesn't it? Richard and Karen are extremely pleased and share feeling of humble pride to have this great honor bestowed upon them. They look forward to taping their second show as guests of Carol Burnet during the first week of January. Check your T. V. Guide for airing date. Although the November tour has ended, Richard and Karen are still back East visiting aunts and uncles. By the time you read this newsletter, they will be winging their way home to cut another album. Here is a brief question and answer session which may interest you.   Q: Is Carpenter their real name?  A: Yes. Richard Lynn and Karen Anne Carpenter.  Q: Do they have any brothers or sisters?  A: NO  Q: Do either of them have any nick names?  A: Believe it nor not-NO. Karen sometimes refers to Richard as Rich.  Q: What type of clothes do they prefer?  A: Casual-Neat-Clean.  Q: Who is their favorite group?  A: The Beatles.  Q: How did the Carpenters get started in show biz?  A: By making home-made tapes in Joe Osborne's garage, and sending or taking them to various recording companies. They were turned away many times because their music was 'too pretty'.  Q: Did they ever take voice lessons?  A: They both took choir at Long Beach State College.  Q: What made Karen decide to play drums?  A: It was an inborn talent she was unaware she possessed until she played snare drum in the high school marching band to avoid taking gym classes.  Q: Do they ever play for high school proms?  A: No. They are not a dance band. They are entertainers.  Q: Do they play any high school performances?  A: No. Most high school budgets do not allow for big name entertainers.  Q: Will "Merry Christmas Darling" be released again this year?  A: It is on the market now. Have you local music store manager order it for you if you don't see it in the stores.   That's about it for this time. Let us know if you would like another question and answer session next year. Richard and Karen join their family in wishing each and every one of you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, AND VERY HAPPY 1972. That goes for me too. EV.