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248º-Fan Club Newsletter #40-

Carpenters Fan Club Newsletter #40 - December 1974
Hi Fans!
By now you have no doubt heard the new Carpenter single Please Mr Postman and agree it is another hit. Their new Christmas single Santa Claus Is Coming To Town should be in the stores very soon. It's quite different from the original version, and beautifully arranged of course by Richard. The flip side features Merry Christmas Darling.
Richard and Dad wish to convey their gratitude for the lovely cards and gifts they received from you all for their birthdays.
Richard & Karen sincerely regret the postponement of several concerts scheduled for November. During their TV taping, Karen developed laryngitis and was unable to talk or sing. Her doctor ordered her to rest and forbid her to sing until she was completely recovered. The concerts were rescheduled for the end of December. During their stay in Las Vegas, they were given one of the club's 74 Alvarados to drive. They left for Vegas 2 days early to take in a couple of the nightclub shows. They enjoyed Liberace and also saw the entertaining colorful spectacle at the new MGM Hotel, Hallelujah Hollywood.
On stage they worked with the Riviera Club orchestra conducted by Mr. Palumbi. Concerts went so well, they recorded them professionally for a future "live" album. The program included the Warsaw Concerto, performed by Richard on the concert grand, and the audience loved it. Their opening act was Gabriel Kaplan, a clever comedian.
In Milwaukee, they were privileged to watch the Ali - Foreman fight on closed circuit TV. They were very impressed by the beauty of the Performing Arts Center where they performed and appreciated the lovely dinner brought in for them between shows.
The Astor Hotel in Chicago was 'old home' to them, as they'd stayed there on previous occasions, but this time they shared it with other celebrities. Latimore Horowitz and Elton John used the Astor as headquarters while doing shows in or near Chicago. Groupie commotion there was endless.
Mr. Horowitz, one of the world's greatests pianists, had come out of retirement to stage several special concerts. Elton John invited Richard & Karen to one of his concerts, but unfortunately their own shows coincided with his and they were unable to attend. Their hotel rooms were equipped with pay TV and Richard & Karen watched first run movies - a rare privilege, not usually allowed for in their busy tour and recording schedule.
Lansing, Michigan weather was a drastic change from the warm temperature they enjoyed in Chicago. It was 30-40 degrees cooler and raining. Technical difficulties on stage added to the gloom. The audience saved the day.
They were the best audience they had since the tour began and K & R loved them. At the hotel, a young girl, claiming to be housekeeper frequently barged in unannounced until Richard put a stop to it. In spite of more crummy weather in Saginaw, the concert was sold out and went very well. In both Saginaw and Muskegon, their concerts were held in ice rinks, which is not one of their favorite places to perform. Low temps must be maintained to keep the ice from melting and though the floor is covered, the cold comes through and freezes their feet. A refreshing and first time interlude for the group was offered by Curt Mercer, their sound engineer, who donned ice skates and did some fancy skating for them while the overture was played.
In New Castle Indiana, their concert was performed in the Chrysler High School Field House, which is the largest and finest one for a high school. 10,500 people can be squeezed in for a basketball game. Concert capacity is considerably less. The field house design is great for sports, but Carpenters' concert -the first concert to be held there - brought to light a number of diffuculties for stagehands. Richard compared the field house design to that of a tea cup, with bleachers on inside walls and the group at the bottom of the cup. There is no way to back a truck up to the stage and unload equipment. Instead, it must be brought from the top, down an aisle to the bottom. 40 stage hands worked very hard to get the huge truckload of Carpenter equipment down the aisle to the stage. The biggest problem was the huge soundboard, and the 9 ft. concert grand. It was a bigger problem still getting them back UP.
In Fort Wayne they played in a very flashy red, yellow and blue building which housed another ice rink. Electrical problems in the dressing rooms gave them a few headaches. When the iron and hair dryer was used at the same time, all the lights blew, so clothes pressing had to wait until hair drying was completed. In Champaign, Illinois they played to 11,000 people for a home-coming. They were pleased with the assembly hall on the campus of the University of Illinois. In spite of restrictions, a fellow wearing a security badge, but sans security uniform, got into Richard's dressing room and asked for a pen. Richard offered his, the man left, then returned momentarily with a Polaroid picture of himself with a message on it for Karen. When Richard noticed that every word in the message was misspelled, he became suspicious and called a genuine security guard who discovered the badge was a fake, and proceeded to usher the man out of the building.
After the concert, the dinner at the Boorshead was excellent, and well worth the long drive to get there. Lodging was the Paradise, designed like a motel from out of the past. The group enjoyed the food as well as the nostalgic atmosphere of the building design which featured port hole windows in the doors.
The flight home was a bit grueling. It was lengthy, with several stops, and although they flew first class as always, their meal consisted of a corned beef sandwich and a brownie each. Not too substantial for a hungry group. There was another "Mr Guder" aboard who gave Richard a bad time. When Richard turned in his seat to talk to Doug who sat behind him, his view of him was blocked by the 'No Smoking' sign on the back of his seat which he removed temporarily. "Mr. Guder" told him to replace it or he would tell the captain. Richard ignored him, and the captain was informed and promptly replied that it didn't worry him. Guess the atmosphere was a little tense for a while. The lights of the Los Angeles airport were a very welcome sight to them that night.
We have room for a few questions which have picked at random.
Q. Do Richard & Karen have any relatives in show business?
A. No.
Q. What are their feelings towards Bette Midler?
A. They think she's a great performer.
Q. How many first cousins do Richard & Karen have?
A. Twelve.
Q. Has Richard ever tried to teach Karen to play piano?
A. No.
Q. Does the red car on the cover of the Now And Then album belong to Richard?
A. Yes. It is his 1972 Ferrari G T C.
Q. Is the house on this same cover their parents home?
A. Yes.
Q. How long does it take them to produce an album?
A. Approximately 3 months depending upon unforeseen technical problems.
Q. Will Richard & Karen be featured in any talk shows in the near future?
A. No talk shows are scheduled for the present time. Sometimes they are only given a couple days notice, which makes it difficult to advise you in advance.
Q. Is there any significance attached to the identical gold bracelets they wear?
A. No. They each bought their own because they liked them so much. However, each own an elegant rope-like bracelet, a gift from Herb Alpert 4 years ago.
Q. What were the four Platinum records for, mentioned in newsletter #39?
A. They each received one for The Singles and for Now And Then in Holland.
Q. Did Top Of The World reach Gold status?
A. Yes.
Thank you all for your interest. Keep those questions coming in.
IMPORTANT: A new post office ruling states that all letters without return addresses on the outside of the envelope will be sent to the dead letter office so DON'T FORGET TO WRITE YOUR RETURN ADDRESS ON ALL LETTERS, especially those containing orders for merchandise.

Rap with you in 1975. EV

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